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"Tinnitus" and "Flavonoids"

So yesterday, we spoke about how hair cells inside the cochlea of the inner ear must be able to move to signal sound wave messaging to the brain so we understand and can comprehend what we've heard without a buzzing distraction.

We also spoke about how vitamin B12 deficiency can be a cause of this malfunction. And supplementation may help correct this issue.

So today . . . let's talk about what else can help with this lack of hearing ability???

Well . . . Ginkgo has been long found to increase inner ear and cerebral blood circulation by protecting the body against free radicals.

And another helpful element would be . . . "magnesium".

You see . . . magnesium has been shown to relieve the severity of tinnitus symptoms due to its ability to relax blood vessels allowing adequate blood to flow throughout the body including through the vessels in the inner ear.

Now . . . zinc is a mineral essential for a healthy immune system, protein production and wound healing . . . but it can also protect structures in the ear involved in tinnitus.

Okay . . . I'm sure you're still wondering where "flavonoids" we spoke of the other day, come into play with "tinnitus"???

Well . . . there's a specific "bioflavonoid" that can help to relieve "tinnitus" symptoms. It has the ability to improve microcirculation in the inner ear, which can prevent abnormal accumulation of fatty deposits, which block histamine production in the inner ear. And this fatty deposit is what can disrupt the tiny hair cell function that allows us to hear correctly.

Now . . . in researching this "bioflavonoid" . . . I did find that there were a few products out there on the market today that do contain this specific bioflavonoid . . .

BUT . . . as in many supplements we take today . . . it too . . . was loaded with other ingredients that are "detrimental" to our health like "carcinogens".

So these products are "NOT" helping us . . . even through they carry this "bioflavonoid" and marketing is telling us that this is the answer for tinnitus.

Okay . . . so I can't mention any brand names . . . but please . . . buyer beware.

Now . . . I did find one product that was "compliant". And if you're in need . . . just click this link and purchase yours today.

NOTE: As always, please consult your own healthcare provider before taking any new supplement.

And as always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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