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So did you "get" what I was saying yesterday???

Did you understand that "food cravings" and "poor food choices" . . . are "NOT" really about "WILLPOWER" . . .

But rather . . . the "mechanics" of the human body.

So the question for today is this . . . how do we keep "Ghrelin" hormone levels healthy . . . therefore, "STOP THE CRAVINGS"???

Well . . . by doing things like . . .

Avoiding fad diets

Avoiding yo-yo diets

Avoiding artificial sweeteners

Limiting processed foods, especially foods high in sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and salt

Eating an "anti-inflammatory" diet

Eating "compliant" carbohydrates

Eating more healthy proteins

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water . . . "dehydration" can cause CRAVINGS

Eating foods high in fiber

Eating fruits and vegetable that are water-filled

Sleeping at least eight hours per night

And controlling our "stress responses"

Okay . . . so next question would be . . . how long does it take to "stop" sugar craving???

Well . . . a "true" sugar "detox" . . . takes about 10 day . . . with a "total craving" detox taking about 4 weeks . . . that's "IF" you follow the rules of "compliancy"

Okay . . . so what can "we" do to help this process of "stopping" our "cravings"???

Well . . . there are actually "foods" that have the ability to "wash out" sugar from our blood and help our "insulin" hormone do its job efficiently

And they would be foods like . . .

Eggs, almond butter (no sugar added), beans, legumes, oats, compliant proteins and fatty fish.

A good example for this would be "breakfast" . . .

Did your mother ever tell you that "breakfast" was the most important meal of the day and DO NOT skip it???

Well . . . she was right!

Eating "compliant proteins" and "healthy fats" for "breakfast" . . . INSTEAD of "carbohydrates" . . . will start your day off right and set your "Ghrelin" hormone up for success.