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Rosacea - continued

Yesterday, we spoke about what "rosacea" is, some possible causes and what some triggers to a flare up can be.

So today . . . let's talk about some other important elements we need to know.

Now . . . let's be clear on one thing . . . just because someone has this skin condition . . . doesn't mean that they don't wash there face well. In fact . . . most people with rosacea . . . wash their face too much.

You see . . . when we wash our face . . . and with what soap . . . is key to clear skin or a flare up. And many times . . . people with rosacea are using the wrong cleansers and washing too often because they think their pores aren't clean.

We need a skin cleanser specifically for "rosacea" because how we cleanse our face is very important to controlling flare ups. And if we don't . . . it now . . . becomes a vicious cycle of irritation.

The National Rosacea Society suggests that a gentle hygiene routine that involves washing the face twice a day with warm water, a non-soap cleanser and "BLOTTING" the face dry with a towel is recommended. (No wiping the face)

So avoiding a bar soap (especially deodorant soaps) which can strip the skin of its natural oils and choosing a liquid, foam or cream cleanser for gentle cleansing is the avenue to take.

Now . . . there are a lot of products out there on the market today for rosacea. But not all of them are pure enough to really get the job of proper cleansing done . . . without irritating the skin even more.

So I did a ton of research and I found a cleanser that worked like a champ for my loved ones in need. Sorry, I don't have a link for you, but if you need the information on this foaming facial cleanser, please DM me so I can get that info to you.

Okay . . . so now that we've washed our face correctly . . . how can we maintain the skin's moisture so we can heal and not have an uncomfortable flare up.

Well . . . tomorrow we'll talk about what combination of oils I found that can help to calm a flare up, clear the skin and leave it feeling moisturized.

This combination of oils has worked wonders for my loved ones suffering.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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