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Today we talk "Talc"!

The past 2 days we've spoken about the "silent" killers in the food coloring we consume.

So today let's talk about a "silent" killer in the products we use on our body.

"Talc" . . . Does this ring a bell? We all know about the lawsuits against J&J and its talc powder.

Well . . . let's break it down to see where we're at on this topic

Talc was first discovered way back in the 1880s, with J&J introducing baby power in 1894 that was made of crushed talc.

Now . . . the problem is this . . . Talc is just a mineral in clay found in underground deposits. That's the harmless part.

But . . ."Asbestos", a known "carcinogen", is also found underground in veins, which is often found in . . . . you guessed it . . . in "talc" deposits . . . leading to the risk of cross-contamination. So this . . . is a problem!!!

Talc has been known to cause pneumonia, inflammation and swelling of airways . . . in some babies even death.

OKay . . . so to be fair and tell the whole story . . . not all talcum powder contain "asbestos", but some of the talc "sources" for talcum powder is naturally contaminated with "asbestos".

So to be honest . . . "Talc" is a "crapshoot". You never really know if you are purchasing a "talc" that's contaminated or not! They would have to test every batch of talc that came out of the ground or test every product. And that's not happening!

But due to the lawsuits of plaintiffs in 2018 . . . J&J in May of 2020 announced that it would no longer sell this baby powder in the US and Canada.

So the big question for today is . . . .what is "talc" still being used in?

Well ladies . . . listen up . . . cosmetic grade "talc" is still found in foundations, creams and moisturizers, eye shadows, blush, mascara, lipstick, deodorant and loose and compressed makeup powders. So read the labels of the products you use and buyer beware!

So my next question is this . . . if "talc" is being eliminated in some products due to the cross-contamination of "Asbestos . . . what's it being replaced with?

Well . . . . that would be "formaldehyde" . . . . which is another known cancer "causing" chemical. And the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies "formaldehyde" as a human "carcinogen"!!

How is this any better????

Read your labels people!!!!! We'll talk more about "formaldehyde" tomorrow!

This will make your hair stand on end!

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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