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What do we know about "CORIANDER"?

Today we talk about "coriander". Do you use it in your cook?

"Coriander" is a spice that is a member of the parsley family.

Now . . . many people confuse "coriander" with "cilantro". And even though they both come from the same plant . . . they have different uses and tastes. Cilantro is the leaves and stems of the "coriander" plant. When the plant flowers and turns to seed , . . the seeds are called coriander seeds.

As we know . . . "coriander" is a seed or ground seed used in spice rubs, marinades, chillies, sauces and soups.

But . . . today let's talk about its other benefits . . .

Coriander acts as a diuretic, helping the body flush out excess sodium and water. This may also help lower blood pressure levels. It can lower cholesterol, it's a dietary fiber and contains manganese, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin, niacin, copper and carotene.

And "coriander" is excellent for your eyes. The components in coriander such as phosphorus, vit. A and C antioxidants, help in the prevention of vision disorders and also reduces stress on the eyes.

The other big factor to coriander and cilantro is that they have the ability to regulate hormones, especially the "thyroid" gland. Coriander seeds can ease gas and bloating while improving overall digestion. It stimulates the gut and increases the production of stomach acid. This may help people with conditions such as indigestion, constipation or intestinal gas. And if diarrhea is your concern . . . "coriander" reduces muscle spasms in the gut. Therefore, helps treat stomach conditions such as diarrhea.

Coriander seeds also have the ability to increase "red blood cells" and improve heart health and increase metabolism. You see . . . one of the other elements that 'coriander" contains is "Quercetin" which helps quicken the metabolism.

And last but not least . . . "coriander" help reduce the blood glucose levels in diabetics, due to its ability to maintain the "insulin" activity which helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

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